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Minutes January 10, 2007

January 10, 2007 - Noon to 1:45


  • Russ Minas
  • Kellie William
  • Judge Larry Jones
  • Marcie Keck
  • Judge Robert Hilder
  • Al Prano
  • Doug Adair
  • Stewart Ralphs
  • John Sheaffer, Jr.
  • Michelle Blomquist
  • Steve Gunn
  • Angela Fonnesbeck
  • Doug Thomas
  • Rich Hummel
  • Christina Miller
  • Adam Caldwell
  • Rob Parrish
  • Louise Knauer

The Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

The Committee discussed and considered the following legislative bills. In each case, Judge Hilder, Judge Jones and Commissioner Blomquist abstained.

H.B. 15 Driver’s License Privilege Suspension for Failure to Pay Child Support
After extensive discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to support this bill.

H.B. 17 Child Support Bond
After brief discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to support this bill.

H.B. 18 Electronic Payment of Child Support
After brief discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to support this bill.

H.B. 28 Domestic Violence and Dating Relationship Protective Order
Stewart represented this is the same version of a bill presented to the Committee in October 2006, and the Committee, after considerable discussion in October, voted to support the bill. Therefore, no new vote was taken.

H.B. 32 Expanded Parent Time Enforcement and Mediation to Entire State
After brief discussion, the Committee voted unanimously to support this bill.

H.B. 51 Adoption Amendments
Because of the complexity of this bill, it was tabled so that the Committee members could review it before voting on it. Therefore, it would be considered by email. However, there was discussion of the bill by the Committee, particularly focusing on the issue of the need to clarify the role of the District Court in termination of parental right proceedings.

S.B. 14 Family Employment Program Amendments
This was not seen as a family law matter, and no position was taken.

S.B. 26 Child Support Amendments
This is the same as the Interim Committee bill, which the Executive Committee has already voted to support.

S. B. 35 Uniform Child Abduction Prevention
Discussion of this bill was deferred.

There was discussion of the January 19th Family Law CLE Luncheon, focusing on Private Guardians at Litem.

There was a discussion of the Family Law sessions at the Annual Bar Convention on July 19 and 20, 2007. The Section would have two sessions. One is in the “Back to Basics” sequence, and will deal with practice before the Domestic Relations Commissioners. Commissioner Thomas Arnett and Judge Howard Maetani will be asked to participate. There was discussion of the Section offering to pay lodging for one night and mileage for the judicial officers.

The second session, in the “Litigation” sequence, will be on the rights of unmarried fathers and non-biological parents.

There is a funding request by the Administrative Office of the Courts, to assist in paying for the Divorce Education for Children class. The Committee has agreed to donate $3,000, if those funds are matched.

Kellie Williams and her firm were thanked for hosting the Holiday Party in December, which was a smashing success.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.


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