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September 22, 2006

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Eric Barnes
Lauren Barros
David Berceau
Jim Brady
David Broadbent
May Pat Cashman
Kenyon Dove
Brent Hall
C. Richard Henriksen
Roger Hoole
Kyle Hoskins
Louise Knauer
Michelle Lesue
Suzanne Marelius
Blaine McBride
Sam Meziani
Michael Mohrman
Grant Nagamatsu
Robert Neeley
Stewart Ralphs
Cecilia Romero
Jim Slemboski
Travis Terry
James Mitch Vilos
Greg Wall
Orson West Jr
Mary Jane Whisenant
Jeanine Williams
Robert Wing
Carolyn Zeuthen

Utah Legal Services and the Utah State Bar wish to thank these attorneys for either accepting a pro bono case or volunteering at clinic during the months of June and July. Call Brenda Teig at (801) 924-3376 to volunteer.

April 4, 2006

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Selina Andrews
Joseph Bean
Alan Boyack
Maria Booth
Howard Chuntz
David Connors
Roberto Culas
Michael Deamer
Reha Deal
Frank Falk
Richard Gallegos
Samuel Gardiner
Chad Gladstone
Anthony Grover
Richard Henriksen
Joseph Henriod
Neil Harris
Daniel Irvin
Troy Jensen
Matthew T. Johnson
Louise Knauer
Steven Kuhnhausen
Dan Larsen
Suzanne Marelius
Daniel McKay
Sam Meziani
Robert Neeley
William Ormond
James Peters
Bret Randall
Scott Thorpe
David Turner
Todd Turnblom

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January 20, 2006

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Utah Legal Services and the Utah State Bar wish to thank these attorneys for their time and willingness to help those in need. Call Brenda Teig at (801) 924-3376 to volunteer.

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October 16, 2005

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Pro Bono Honor Roll

Clark Allred
Michael Anderson
Deb Badger
Judy Barking
Justin Bond
David Broadbent
David Connors
Tracy Cowdell
Roberto Culas
Keith Eddington
Ronald Elton
James Farmer
John Gothard
David Hamilton
M. Darin Hammond
Milton Harmon
D. Rand Henderson
Angela Hendricks
Timothy Houpt
Brent Johns
Michael R. Johnson
Jason Jones
Jan Malmberg
Ramona Mann
David Marx
William Ormond
Lester Perry
Leslie Randolph
J. Bruce Savage
Jeremy Sink
Kevin P. Sullivan
Benjamin Thomas
Thomas Thompson
Todd Turnblom
Leslie Van Frank
Gregory B. Wall
Kimberly Washburn
Carolyn Zeuthen

Utah Legal Services and the Utah State Bar wish to thank these attorneys for their time and willingness to help those in need. Call Brenda Teig at (801) 924-3376 to volunteer.

May 6, 2004

Pro Bono at ULS

by Nick Angelides

My experiences in providing pro bono assistance at Utah Legal Services here in Salt Lake City this past year have been most gratifying and interesting.

Generally, I help out a few hours a week in the Senior Lawyer Volunteer Project providing legal services to low income people, mostly seniors, and in the Possession Bond Project by providing representation to low income tenants facing eviction actions at possession bond hearings.

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Pro Bono Profile: Todd Richardson

by Fred Anderson

Utah Legal Services, a non-profit agency providing essential legal services to those who are living in poverty, is fortunate to have pro bono attorneys and law students who willingly share their expertise and a portion of their time to address the legal needs of the less fortunate. Todd Richardson, an inactive member of the Utah State Bar, is a very special volunteer. He is married and has five children, and formerly practiced law. Todd began volunteering in February 2003. He was familiar with Utah's legal forms, statutes, and processes, so he was a natural fit. He speaks fluent Spanish and we needed an interpreter to help in clinics in Tooele, Farmington, and Salt Lake City. Todd has made the pro se clinics effective for both English and Spanish speaking attendees with a variety of basic legal problems and has helped to translate clinic materials into Spanish.

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Pro Bono Profile: Jenise Anderson

by Linda F. Smith

Jensie Anderson entered the U of U law school in 1990 hoping to develop a career that made a difference to people and to the law that affected them. She has done so, many times over, through her pro bono efforts.

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Pro Bono Profile: Lauren I. Scholnick

by Anne Milne

Lauren I. Scholnick is a partner in the firm of Strindberg & Scholnick, LLC. She has been volunteering at the Guadalupe Center's legal clinic since 1999.

For the last five years, Lauren Scholnick has been volunteering one Tuesday night a month at Guadalupe Center legal clinic. Lauren says she volunteers after work, "because I know how hard it is to get legal help within our system. It is often confusing and frustrating for people to figure out what they should do when confronted with a legal problem even if they speak English. By helping those who primarily speak Spanish at the Guadalupe, we are able to help people with language barriers access and navigate the system to solve their legal problems. That language barrier means that many people are taken advantage of."

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August 2, 2000

Pro Bono Project

Special Thanks To:

The objective of the Utah State Bar’s Pro Bono Project is to provide access to pro bono legal services for low income clients in our community who would not otherwise be able to receive these legal services. The Utah State Bar would like to recognize and thank the following attorneys for their willingness to help with our pro bono project!

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